Introducing Chatable – The AI app that helps you hear

Following on from our recent blog about hearing aids and face masks ‘Avoid the tangle’, we wanted to let you know about a new free app that may help solve the communication problems caused by face masks.

Hear loud and clear – even without hearing aids 

As many of you have been finding, face masks muffle sound and eliminate lip reading cues – causing communication challenges for people with any level of hearing loss. However, the Chatable app is a smartphone app that many people are finding delivers good understanding of speech in noise and in scenarios where the person you’re speaking to is wearing a face mask.
Chatable can even be used with or without hearing aids – even if you have a profound hearing loss. You can use the app with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, and it will stream audio direct to your hearing technology. Or you can use headphones or earphones to listen to the audio from the app

It’s all about the AI 

Chatable reduces your listening effort by using aartificial intelligence (AI) system called VOXimity to make the voice of the person talking to you clear and loud. All you have to do is place your phone in front of the person you’re talking to, or the thing you want to hear (e.g. TV) and Chatable provides you with a clear and loud speech signal without unwanted background noise. 
It’s great for hearing the TV without turning it up to annoying levels for family or housemates, and it makes one-to-one conversation easy, even through face masks. You can download it from the App Store for Apple products or Google Play for Android phones and there’s no hearing test or set up involved either. With Chatable you can be hearing better in seconds.
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