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Are you finding it harder to hear or understand what others are saying? Are you turning up the volume on the television or radio? Are you concerned that your hearing loss is negatively impacting your job? Do you have a ringing or other distracting noise in your ears that makes it more difficult to hear, sleep, or concentrate?

Take back control

Come and see us at The Hearing Clinic and take control of tinnitus, hearing loss, wax build up, or poorly fitting or programmed hearing aids. We can also help you protect your hearing from damage. At The Hearing Clinic, we provide tailored, compassionate and comprehensive care and can help with:


Check my Hearing

Your hearing connects you to the world around you. It helps to keep you feeling calm, in control, safe, and engaged.


Hearing Aids

Many people are disheartened when they are told they have to wear a hearing aid. They fear the stigma …


Wax Removal

The presence of ear wax is not a problem in itself. It’s natural for the ear to produce cerumen – the waxy oil …



If you’re living with tinnitus you may hear a constant ringing in your ears. Other people may experience tinnitus …


Hearing Protection

There are many everyday situations and tasks that have the potential to cause hearing damage, particularly over …

Treating hearing problems
before they develop

We also perform annual hearing health checks to spot any potential problems and treat them before they develop. Everything we do is tailored to your unique challenges.

In addition, we also offer hearing protection devices including swimming plugs, musician plugs, and other protective products to reduce the risk of damage to your hearing.

Make the most of your hearing

Hearing difficulties can affect people of all ages, from the very young to older adults. We provide you with the comprehensive, flexible care you need to make the most of your hearing. If you have concerns about your own or your child’s hearing, want to be proactive with protection from potentially harmful environments, or are looking for support in managing hearing problems, book your appointment today.

Adult Diagnostic Assessment
Hearing Aid Assessment
Wax Removal
Fact Finding and Peripheral Hearing Assessment £375 followed by APD £995
Tinnitus Consultations
Swimming/Sleep Plugs
From £95
Hearing Aid Reprogramming
Hearing Protection
From £149


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