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Hearing helps to connect people to the world around them. From engaging in meaningful conversation and listening to captivating music to hearing a baby laugh and birds chirping, what people hear plays an integral role in their lives. When your hearing is not as clear as it once was, it can affect your quality of life. Hearing problems can affect people of all ages, but the good news is that it is possible to treat and manage these issues effectively.

The Hearing Clinic empowers patients to take control of their hearing loss and discover a new lease of life. Through a thorough consultation and assessment, we’ll identify your hearing issues and work with you to create a plan to meet your specific needs. There’s no pressure to subscribe to a specific brand of hearing technology or a certain level of service – it’s all about what works best for your situation.

3 Steps to Hearing at Your Best

At The Hearing Clinic, we take the time to understand your concerns and goals and ensure you achieve the great hearing you’ve been missing. We can help you by guiding you through our 3 step process:

Assess & Select

The first step in achieving great hearing is undergoing a comprehensive hearing assessment to learn more about your hearing range and how it is impacting your day to day interactions and quality of life.

Tailor & Test

Next, we look at how we can improve your hearing in the situations that matter to you. Proper fitting and programming is essential for getting the most benefit from your hearing aids. We take the time to correctly programme your hearing technology to your needs so you can hear as well as possible.

Bespoke Aftercare

Once your hearing aids are fitted and programmed, you can choose the aftercare plan that suits you. Your plan is tailored to your preferences, giving you complete control and flexibility over the services you receive. You can spread the cost of new hearing aids over 12 or 24 months with one of our interest free payment plans.

Rediscover life
as it should be

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What We Treat

At The Hearing Clinic, we treat a wide range of hearing issues from hearing loss and ear wax build up to auditory processing difficulties and hearing protection. Regular hearing assessments help you to identify and treat issues before they develop further.

Children’s Hearing

Hearing plays an instrumental role in a child’s language and communication development, as well as social skills. In addition, glue ear is a very common childhood condition.

Hearing Loss

Some hearing loss may occur with age, but there are a variety of other causes too. Hearing aids and other technologies can help restore hearing to near-normal levels.


Constant ringing, buzzing, or other sounds in the ear has the potential to seriously impact your quality of life. Tinnitus treatment will help you to properly manage tinnitus and regain control over your life and hearing.

Ear Wax Build Up

Wax build up can lead to temporary hearing loss and be very uncomfortable. We use ear irrigation and endoscopic wax removal to safely and gently remove wax.

Ear Plugs

Working in noisy environments or taking part in leisure activities such as shooting, surfing or swimming all have the potential to damage your hearing. Invest in the right ear plugs will give you the protection you need.

Hearing Protection

Hearing loss happens over time and is virtually unnoticeable until it starts to disrupt your daily life or begins impacting your relationships with family members. Proactively protect your hearing.

Thank you Bridgitte

it's 2 years since I attended my 1st appointment with Bridgitte. I was fed up, miserable and didn’t know where to turn. I’ve had hearing issues for years but adapted my lifestyle around it. I taught myself to lipread and when out for dinner etc. I just switched off. To top it off I’d started to get tinnitus in both ears, 24/7. After various tests and realising how much this was all affecting my life, I agreed to be fitted with two Phonak hearing aids. The day they were fitted I was walking back to the car and could hear the birds and other noises I’d not heard for years! I started crying, not because I couldn’t hear but because I could! I was so happy. I can’t begin to explain the difference these aids and Bridgitte have made to my life. They’ve also changed the lives of my family as I’m back to my normal, happy and outgoing self! Thank you Bridgitte for everything you’ve done for me and my family. You’re not only a true professional but kind, compassionate and understanding.
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