Aural Rehab and hearing aids

Why is Aural Rehab so important? Why is it different to “aftercare”?

Real ear measurements aural rehabilitation
Real Ear Measurements are being used in our clinc within our Aural Rehab Program

Our holistic approach to hearing health 

Many audiologists focus purely on selling hearing aids to their clients, thinking that technology is the only way to enable a person to hear at their best. At The Hearing Clinic, we take a more holistic view of each client’s experience – using the latest hearing technology in conjunction with aural rehabilitation. 
Aural Rehabilitation works in a similar way to physiotherapy after having surgery or breaking a limb: it exercises the brain – the organ that we actually use to hear with – to get it back in shape to hear wellOur work with clients includes giving them Aural Rehab programmes and training that they can do in their own time to enhance the way they understand speech in difficult listening situations. 
When we set up a client’s hearing aids, we will also create bespoke programmes that they can use in the situations that they most frequently find themselves in. These are most effective when they’re paired with practical strategies for the client to follow
For example, if you like socialising and eating out a lot, we’ll suggest you choose bars, cafes and restaurants that don’t play loud music Sitting with your back to a wall and away from any kitchen area will minimise the background noise you’ll have to contend with
If you’re in a big group, we suggest sitting in the centre of the group and in a welllit area so you can see people’s faces clearly. 
While it may seem like a lot to remember, it’s surprising how quickly people get into these ‘good hearing habits’ and regain control of their hearing experience. 
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