Phonak Lyric™ – Discreet Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids

A hearing aid that you can forget about!

Imagine a hearing aid which is invisible, stays in your ear for months and most importantly, delivers the best sound quality. The Lyric is here and we are proud to be able to offer it to you at The Hearing Clinic.

We’re privileged to be living in a time where technology and science can help make our lives easier and more convenient. The Lyric combines leading microtechnology developed in Silicon Valley and Swiss precision engineering to make sure that you receive the clearest, life-changing sound quality.

Take a look at the benefits of the Lyric hearing aid:

  • 100% invisible as it is placed in your ear canal
  • Natural sound
  • 24/7 hearing — wear it for months, even while you shower and sleep
  • Relax — no need to keep taking it out, no cleaning, no changing batteries, no daily travel and nighttime cases… and no losing it!
  • Exceptional quality in a miniature size

Using the natural anatomy of your ear to amplify sound

The Lyric is inserted far down the ear canal near to the eardrum by a trained professional at The Hearing Clinic. This means that your outer ears continue to collect and filter sounds, whereas a traditional hearing aid processes sound outside the ear. By using the natural anatomy of your ear to amplify sound you will experience a clear, natural sound.

The Hearing Clinic is independent and we are not affiliated with any manufacturer, so when we recommend the Lyric it is because it is the right choice for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle. We are always seeking and testing the latest discreet hearing innovations so that we can provide you with the very best service.

We also use the latest in 3D scanning technology so that we can get the most accurate rendering of the deeper parts of your ear canal for a hidden and comfortable fit.

Come and talk to us

At the Hearing Clinic we ensure you get the right help with your hearing so we will be able to tell you if the Lyric is the best hearing aid for you.

If you are curious to know more about the Lyric or any of our other hearing aids, just give us a call or pop in and see us at our Radlett clinic, or in our Hitchin clinic if that is more convenient.

At The Hearing Clinic, we treat a wide range of hearing issues from hearing loss and ear wax build up to auditory processing difficulties and hearing protection.

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