After previous, unsatisfactory experiences

After previous, unsatisfactory experiences with hearing aids and audiologists, I was pleased to discover the professional and caring service provided by Bridgitte Harley of The Hearing Clinic. Bridgitte took time to discuss my hearing loss and suggest priorities for improvement in great detail. She is extremely knowledgeable and is able to explain things quite clearly in interesting and simple terms. Within a week of the initial consultation I was fitted with a pair of expertly setup and programmed a pair of hearing devices. Just prior to the fitting, the manufacturer announced a new platform and Bridgitte provided the initial devices on loan for 3 months until the launch date of the new range. I have been back for a couple of follow-up appointments, and to get a bluetooth streaming device setup, and again Bridgitte has shown a great deal of patience listening to my probably rather rambling observations, and reprogramming the devices to make subtle but very useful improvements.Expertly setup and programmed hearing devices have made a real difference to my life and I thoroughly recommend Bridgitte Harley to anyone looking for a sympathetic, professional and caring audiologist.
–Mr Wheatley

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