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Tinnitus in the news. A new chat bot to help sufferers.

It was good to see a tinnitus app, called MindEar, make the headlines in the Guardian recently. 

When you suffer from tinnitus, the nature of the condition can make it easy to feel isolated, so the more coverage tinnitus gets, the more people will start to understand the condition and break down some of the myths surrounding tinnitus.

The MindEar app provides cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) via a chatbot, along with other approaches such as sound therapy. CBT can help people suffering from tinnitus to reduce their emotional reaction to the sound, which enables the brain to tune it out. The app is designed to provide an alternative to in-person therapy which some people may find expensive or difficult to access.

We have, from time to time, highlighted tinnitus apps, including Oto, which is also mentioned in the Guardian piece. The article does conclude that CBT and sound therapy are only part of the solution for tinnitus – hearing aids being an important part of treatment too.

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Remember that, if you suffer with tinnitus, The Hearing Clinic is here to help. We provide Tinnitus Retraining Therapy as well as CBT, helping to reduce and manage the stress associated with tinnitus. We’ll also determine your hearing levels to check if wearing hearing aids to correct hearing loss may reduce your tinnitus.

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