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3rd March is World Hearing Day

Today is World Hearing Day, and this year’s theme is ‘changing mindsets’. It’s made us think how hearing loss is often associated with older age. However, some concerning recent studies highlight how anyone of any age is at risk of hearing loss, particularly due to the impact of modern technology. 

child gaming with headphones on loud

Some concerning numbers

Let’s take the new research from auditory training app, Eargym, which studied the hearing of over 1,000 people over a four-month period. Researchers analysed the results of a scientifically-validated speech-in-noise activity delivered via the app, and of the 16-35 year olds who completed this activity, a quarter (24 percent) were categorised as having hearing loss, with a further 19 percent of users aged 16-35 having possible hearing loss. So 43 percent, or just under half, of the 16-35 year olds in the study had hearing loss or possible hearing loss.

These findings back up the World Health Organisation’s concerns that billions of young people are at increased risk of hearing loss due to prolonged use of earbuds and headphones, as well as regular exposure to loud music at gigs.

And it seems that you can add video gaming to this list of high risk activities. Sound levels reported in studies of more than 50,000 gamers are often near, or exceed, permissible safe limits. And remember that people tend to game for long periods of time. And of course, many gamers are young people.

Here to help

At The Hearing Clinic we support clients of any age, whatever their hearing challenges. We’re here to help you with regular hearing tests, so you understand what’s going on with your hearing over time.

We can also advise you on safe listening practices, such as using hearing protection.

If you have any questions, or if you’re concerned about your or a family member’s hearing, we’re here to help.

Please call our friendly team or email us to find out more.

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