SoundPrint App. Find quieter venues and spaces near you.

How can Soundprint help you!

Many of us have experienced it…
You’re excited about meeting a friend – or perhaps a new date – in a café or eaterie you haven’t been to before.

But you get there only to discover that the music’s on too loud, or the din from other drinkers and diners makes it impossible to hear yourself think, let alone your date or friend across the table from you.

Thankfully, a new app called Soundprint, could make that experience a thing of the past.

That’s because, with Soundprint, you can search for quieter venues in your local area that are great for conversation (and safe for hearing health) and you can share them with friends.

Soundprint enables you to measure sound levels with a built-in decibel meter and submit it to the database. In this way you can find and promote quieter venues and help others to have good experiences.

London – the European capital of ‘loud’
In research published in 2022 Soundprint found that restaurants in London are the noisiest in Europe. Data was collected from 1,350 popular London eateries and in over half, noise levels were above 76 decibels – the same as a lawnmower. In fact, worldwide, London’s venues were second only in noise levels to San Francisco.

Help make the world a quieter place
Soundprint is free to download from the App Store or Google Play and you can even submit a noise complaint so a venue knows there’s a problem.

Soundprint is an American app so the number of venues that are included, particularly outside London, is still building. But the more people who use it, the more useful it will be. So download it today and start promoting quieter venues!


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