Great hearing goes slimline


If you don’t wear hearing aids because you are worried about how they look, then this may be the product for you.

Phonak is one of the leaders in hearing technology, and has produced a number of firsts in the industry, and just a few months ago it launched the new Phonak Slim Lumity. 

The Slim Lumity takes all the latest hearing aid technology and packs it into a longer, slimmer, stylish casing. This sleek, unique design is designed to be even more comfortable than the standard hearing aid design because it has distinct left and right designs that follow the natural shape of the head.

There are four two-tone colour options as well:
sandalwood, copper, silver and graphite, all paired with black.

As well as reinventing the ‘form’ of hearing aids, it’s also big on function, with all the user-friendly high-end gadgetry you’d expect from Phonak. Bluetooth connectivity offers hands-free calling and even an activity tracker that includes a step count and wearing time.

SmartSpeech Technology improves speech understanding in noisy environments and a Speech Enhancer function reduces listening effort and enhances speech intelligibility for speech over distance.

The Phonak Slim Lumity is also rechargeable, providing a full day of hearing from a 3 hour charge.

If you’d like to know more, contact the team at The Hearing Clinic. 

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