Annoyed woman in bed, pressing a pillow to her ears, lying next to a snoring man

Get the sleep you need in 2018

Although snoring has long been thought of as one of those funny things that humans do, anyone who has a partner who snores will tell you it’s beyond a joke. If you’re in a relationship with a snorer you may find yourself constantly short of sleep and resorting to the spare room/sofa on a regular basis.

This you’ll already know. But what you might not know is that you may also be compromising your hearing health. If your bedfellow is a particularly loud snorer, and some snores can be up to 90 decibels or beyond – the same as a jackhammer – you could be at serious risk of hearing loss.

Many countries recognise 85 decibels as the maximum safe noise level in the workplace. If your partner is a loud snorer their snores may exceed that level on a regular basis. In which case, if workplace regulations were extended to your bedroom, both you and your snoring partner would need to wear hearing protection.

Rediscover sleep

The Hearing Clinic in Radlett supplies SleepSound earplugs from Advanced Communication Solutions. Initially developed for shift workers, these custom-made silicon earplugs have become popular with many partners of snorers. Supremely comfortable, they can be worn all night, every night. They reduce noise levels to a point where you can sleep soundly without distraction. And they protect you from potential hearing loss.

Contact The Hearing Clinic today to book your appointment. We’ll get your bespoke SleepSound earplugs on order, and, if you’re concerned that your hearing may already have been affected, we’ll be happy to give you a full hearing test. We’ve been helping people across the local area to hear at their best for over a decade, and we look forward to helping you too.

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Did you know?

  • Around 10 million men and 4 million women in the UK snore.
  • Bed partners of snorers report that they have 3-5 hours’ sleep per night.
  • In the UK, snoring is now recognised as grounds for divorce.
  • Snorers and their bed partners are more likely to experience hearing loss than non-snorers and their partners.
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