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It only seems like yesterday that we were looking ahead to 2016. With time so precious, how can we make the most of each day?

Did you know that music might be the answer? Recent studies prove what we’ve all guessed for years: that music really does have the power to boost our mood, give us energy, calm us down or make us more productive – enhancing our quality of life. Simply listening to music can change your brain chemistry, reducing stress hormones and increasing feel good chemicals. And you can enjoy the benefits at any age.


When ‘music lessons’ (playing drums and singing nursery rhymes) were given to babies before they could walk or talk, they communicated better, smiled more and showed earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music. And taking music lessons as a child enhances brain function and structure, improving language development, brain connectivity and spatial intelligence.

Older people

Older people who play an instrument, sing or dance gain physical, psychological and social benefits from music as it protects against memory problems and cognitive decline. Indeed, care settings often use music therapeutically to treat people with autism, dementia, emotional trauma and a variety of mental disorders, including depression.

Make the most of music in your life

The brain boosting benefits of music are clear, so its vital for your brain health and overall quality of life that you can hear at your best. If you have any concerns about your or your familys hearing, come and see us at The Hearing Clinic for a full hearing check. We’ll talk you through any treatment or technology you may need to help you make the most of your hearing.

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Happy 2017 and see you soon, from Bridgitte Harley and The Hearing Clinic team.

The music-related information in this article is taken from bebrainfit.com/music-affects-brain.
Please visit the above website for full references and citations.

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