Are wireless hearing aids safe?

Most modern hearing aids have wireless Bluetooth capabilities for connecting to smartphones.

Wireless hearing aids have revolutionised hearing technology, enabling users to connect to their smartphones, TVs, sound systems and other media devices. And as time goes on, this list will only grow.

However, some people are worried about a possible link between wireless hearing aids and radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Should they be?

There are different forms of electromagnetic radiation, and some are a risk to health, such as ionising radiation. However, hearing aids produce extremely low levels of non-ionising radiation – so low that they’re well below government limits.

In fact, to absorb the same amount of energy that you experience when holding your mobile phone to your ear you’d need to wear dozens of individual hearing aids simultaneously!

The wireless technology used by hearing aid manufacturers is strictly regulated, and manufacturers themselves are constantly striving to make their products as energy-efficient as possible.

So, while it’s important to monitor such new technology, we can be reassured that wireless hearing aids are safe, and more than meet the required standards for wireless communication as well as medical devices.

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