Do you have auditory processing disorder?

Do you have APD?

Even when a person has normal hearing, they may still face challenges with listening and processing information. This is called auditory processing disorder, or APD.

APD is a lifelong disability and an acknowledged hearing impairment by the World Health Organisation. It’s unrelated to intelligence but it can affect your ability to take on board information, follow directions, read and engage in conversation. A child with APD will find it harder to learn to read and spell.

Every person who is living with APD is affected differently, depending on their ability to cope and adapt. APD also varies in severity, day-to-day and during the day and can become worse when a person is ill, tired or stressed.

We all find ways to adapt to the challenges we face, and an adult with APD will have spent years finding ways to adjust to their condition. But APD does put a lot of demands on you because it requires a lot of effort to hear, process, and understand what’s being said.

I’m pleased to say that there’s a lot that can be done to make life easier for children and adults with APD, and here at The Hearing Clinic we’ve an exciting announcement that we now have clinics for both adult and child APD diagnosis and management.  

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