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Tips to help with Auditory Processing Disorder

How to live well with auditory processing disorder (APD)

If we diagnose you or a loved one with APD, it’s important to know that there’s plenty that can be done to manage the condition so you get the most out of each day.

  • Use the technology available: There are excellent amplification and assisted listening devices to help you to hear a person who is speaking and to block out background noise. We’ll advise you of the best option for you and your situation.
  • Brain training: No matter what your age, your brain can improve its processing skills. We can support you with brain training programmes to enhance your ability to concentrate and process information.
  • Explain what you need from other people: Workmates, friends and family need to know how to help you. You need time to process information, so they shouldn’t expect you to make decisions and answer questions on the spot.
  • Adapt your workspace: You’ll need to find quiet rooms and have regular breaks to give yourself some time out and to be able to better focus on your work. If your workplace is open plan, can you use headphones to blank out background noise or find a desk in a quieter corner? Working from home will put you more in control of your workspace.
  • Look after yourself: Adults with APD tend to be hyper-alert to reduce the chances of misunderstanding or saying the wrong thing. Take regular breaks to relax and find relaxation options that work for you – running, yoga, cooking or meditation are some ideas. Many people with APD find they process what’s happened during their day when they go to bed at night. Doing a relaxation exercise prior to bed will train your brain to wind down.

These are just a few ideas, but we will work with you to produce a full management plan to help you live well with APD.

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