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Your Life, with Subtitles

A new tech breakthrough is helping to better connect deaf and hearing impaired people with friends, family and the world around them. The XRAI Glass app uses augmented reality to convert audio to visuals via smart glasses.

The user wears a pair of smart glasses that provide subtitles of what’s going on around them in real time. The user simply reads the subtitles which appear instantaneously in front of their eyes. The glasses look like slightly larger-than-average sunglasses, and users can even have their custom prescription spectacle lenses inserted into the XRAI Glass frames.

The glasses connect to the XRAI Glass app on the user’s smartphone which will even translate to and from nine languages, with more to be added.

The XRAI Glass website has a nice demo of the app and glasses in action. However, the significance for deaf and hearing impaired people is most obvious from the response of Jodie Ounsley, an England Rugby 7s player.

Jodie has been deaf from infancy and wears a cochlear implant. Her experience of trying the XRAI Glass was an emotional experience and you can watch it on YouTube.

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