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Be very careful with who cleans your ears!

You wouldn’t ask your dogwalker for a haircut so why have earwax removal from someone who isn’t a hearing professional?

Due to the decommissioning of earwax removal by the NHS in many parts of England you may have noticed a surge in the amount of people – from dieticians to physiotherapists – offering the service in the private sector.

A lot of people who don’t work in the hearing sector are seeing this as a chance to cash in, are doing brief training and then offering ear wax removal without sufficient experience or potentially even clinical registration.

Please always ensure that you go to an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser for ear wax removal. And even when you go to them make sure you check they have a degree level qualification in audiology or hearing aid audiology, are registered with the HCPC or CQC, have appropriate liability insurance and are competent. Look at their reviews on Trust Pilot for example. (The Hearing Clinic offers all this and more.)

Don’t risk your ears to anyone but a recognised, experienced and competent hearing professional.  

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