Looking for a hearing aid that offers the ‘real sounds of life’?

A few months ago Oticon launched a new ‘Real’ hearing aid range designed to recognise all types of sound, and how they should ideally sound.

With the Oticon Real range you get to experience sounds as they should be heard. Oticon calls this BrainHearing™ technology as it means your brain can then function at its best as it doesn’t need to fill in the gaps of sound that you might otherwise miss.

The Oticon Real range also handles potentially jarring sounds adeptly. Wind, unexpected loud noises – even the noise caused by you touching your hearing aids – is balanced and smoothed. The Real range also offers impressive speech clarity, making it much easier to follow conversations.

The technology has lots of other handy features, such as hands-free calling and direct streaming from smart devices. The Real 1 offers the most advanced top-of-the-range features, the Real 2 is the mid-range option, and the Real 3 is the least expensive of the three. All are available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable options.

If you’re keen to experience the Oticon Real range for yourself, contact our team at The Hearing Clinic and we’ll organise for you to discuss this new technology.

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