Apps to help with Tinnitus

Apps to help manage tinnitus

Tinnitus? There’s an app for that

If the stress of the past year has caused you to develop tinnitus, or worsened an existing problem, the team at The Hearing Clinic can help with our proven tinnitus management support.

However, there are now a number of smartphone apps to help you manage the condition day-to-day. From sound masking, to teaching you more about tinnitus and even providing breathing techniques, there really is ‘an app for that’.


Available for Android and iOS devices, myNoise offers a huge library of soundscapes to mask the tinnitus. You can tailor each sound to your own preferences too.

Superb natural soundscapes, including six that come absolutely free.

This app on iOS offers a highly customisable sound library and impressive controls to enable you to personalise tracks even further. There’s also a user journal with information and advice.

A great app to get you habituated to the sound of your tinnitus, Quieten offers lasting relief by enabling you to tune out from it. There’s lots of free content, tools and techniques.

This is a great free app for meditation, featuring thousands of breathing exercises, music tracks and more.

An iOS-only app providing breathing techniques (and much more) to get you through difficult days.

Which one works for you?

We’d love to hear your experiences of these tinnitus apps and any others that you discover. Please drop us a line via our website to tell us how you get on with them.



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