AI – what we can gain for hearing aids.

You can’t read the news or switch on the telly at the moment without hearing about artificial intelligence (AI).

Depending on your point of view, the buzz around AI is either alarming or exciting as experts debate its potential to alter so many aspects of our daily lives and even potentially eliminate certain jobs.

What is AI?

AI is the method by which a computer is able to mimic human cognitive functions, such as learning and problem-solving. The computer analyses and learns from data through specifically designed algorithms.

AI has actually been with us for quite a few years (Siri and Alexa, the virtual personal assistants, are AI features). And it’s been slowly but surely making its way into the arena of hearing technology.

What does AI mean for hearing tech?

There’s no doubt that AI in hearing aids has enormous potential because it can vastly improve the listening experience for a person living with hearing loss. That’s because AI-enabled hearing aids adapt to the individual’s needs, and the environments where they most often go. The AI continues to learn and improve so that the user’s hearing experience gets better and better.

Reducing fatigue, boosting wellbeing

Of course, everyone wants – and deserves – the best hearing experience, but what’s also key is that this deeply personalised hearing experience reduces your listening effort and the fatigue that’s easily experienced in noisy environments. That has hugely positive implications for your brain health and for your overall mental wellbeing. Relieved of the effort of trying to hear, you can relax and get on with enjoying your social life, job or family time.

And there’s more

AI can also be used to provide additional useful features, such as tracking your health and fitness data. AI can identify patterns and trends about your listening habits, health and environment and alert you to any changes.

While it’s possible to worry about the role of AI in some areas of our lives, when it comes to hearing technology, we feel there’s everything to gAIn.


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