Custom Made Ear Plugs for Sleeping UK

Custom moulded ear plugs protection


If noisy neighbours are keeping you awake, or your partner snores, it can be excruciating when you are exhausted and the noise is keeping you awake. Even if you are managing to sleep intermittently in a noisy environment, the quality of your sleep will be poor, and you will wake up feeling tired. This can be the case if you work night shifts and are trying to sleep during the day.

Chronic lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, so it is time to invest in some custom-made earplugs.

How long do custom earplugs last?

Our custom-made earplugs for sleeping will last you for years, so make a good investment.

Are there any earplugs that block all noise?

No, there are no earplugs that will block all noise. This is because the cranial bone transmits vibrations to the eardrum, so you will still hear some loud noises (which is actually important in case of emergency).

How can I get a pair?

If you are dreaming of a good night’s sleep, call us on
01923 372101 (Radlett) or 01462 506074 (Hitchin)
and book your hearing consultation at The Hearing Clinic today.
Our audiologists will be able to provide you with some high quality earplugs which are safe to sleep in.


Frequently Asked Questions

QWhich are the best earplugs for sleeping?

AEveryone’s ears and ear canals are different. Everyone’s experience of noise is different. That means you may need to try a few different types of earplugs to find the right balance of comfort and noise reduction.

Earplugs are made from a variety of different materials, from foam to wax and silicone, which offer a different experience and fit. Silicone earplugs are very comfortable, while foam options can block out more sound. However, foam earplugs are designed to be used once only, while silicone earplugs can be used multiple times.

QHow to use earplugs for sleeping?

ASome earplugs are good at masking traffic noise, while others will be more effective at blocking out a snoring partner. Talk to us about your sleep challenges, and we can advise you on the best option.

QHow to sleep with earplugs?

AYou don’t need to change any aspect of your bedtime or sleep routine when you start using earplugs. The latest earplugs are comfortable, whether you sleep on your side or your back.

QIs it bad to wear earplugs to sleep?

ANot at all – particularly if earplugs enable you to get a good night’s sleep. However, they are a ‘foreign body’ which you’re putting into your ear, so you may find it helpful to build up the amount of time you wear them, starting with an hour or two through to a full night.

QCan you still hear an alarm with earplugs?

AEarplugs will remove the harshness of the noise and reduce it, but it is actually very hard – not to mention, dangerous – to block out all noise, and no earplug will do this. So there’s no danger of you sleeping through your alarm.

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