Custom Moulded Shooting Ear Plugs

Custom moulded ear plugs protection


Why are custom shooting earplugs important?

Just one single gunshot can cause permanent hearing loss. The sound of a gun firing is one of the most damaging noises there is. It is vital that if you are a member of a shooting club that you wear custom-made earplugs when you shoot.

Those who fire a gun as part of their profession, such as the armed forces or armed police, have custom-made earplugs whenever they shoot.

What would happen if I didn’t wear earplugs while shooting?

If you don’t wear earplugs while using a gun, or being at a shooting range, you are at a very high risk of permanent hearing loss and tinnitus.

Do you offer a choice of earplugs for shooting?

Yes. As we are not affiliated with any brand, we are independent and are able to offer you a wide range of earplugs.

We have earplugs in bright colours, so if you drop them in long grass, they will stand out.

There are also earplugs with state-of-the-art passive noise filters and also electronic modules which cut out the loud, sharp noise of the gun – that still allow you to talk to others around you. This is both practical and vital for safety when you need to be alerted or hear important instructions.

Everyone needs to wear ear protection when shooting, so whether you have just taken up shooting as a hobby, or you do it as part of your profession, you need high quality earplugs. Even if you think you can get away with a pair off the shelf, the gun noise can seriously damage your hearing over time.

How can I get a pair?

If you shoot regularly, earplug protection is well worth the investment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is the best hearing protection for shooting?

AEarplugs are a great option if you’re a shooter who likes your hearing protection small and flexible. Most are anti-allergic, so won’t irritate your ears, and they’ll protect your ears from high-decibel sound while enabling you to hear low-level sounds, like speech.

There are many different options and our team at The Hearing Clinic will be happy to advise you on the best shooting hearing protection for you.

QHow much hearing protection is needed when shooting?

AWhen you think that the sound of a firearm can reach as high as 140 decibels (and the safe limit is 85), hearing protection is clearly a must for anyone who shoots for a hobby. If you shoot lower calibre firearms you won’t need as much protection as you would shooting high calibre firearms.

Also, where you shoot will influence the protection you need. In an enclosed firing range you’ll need more protection than if you’re outside.

QDo ear defenders block out sound?

AEar defenders and earplugs are both effective at reducing noise. The best types will protect your hearing from high level sound yet still enable you to hear low level sound, like music or speech.

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