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Noise pollution






The creators of a new technological innovation are hoping to give city dwellers a chance to open their windows untroubled by noise from the street. 

The Sound Eclipse, designed by design firm Kristil & Shamina, hangs in a window with a microphone on the back of the device to capture noise from the outside. Speakers on the room-facing side emit sound waves that match and invert the wave of the external sounds, cancelling them out. Tests show that Sound Eclipse reduces noise by up to 15 decibels, similar to wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

The prototype of the Sound Eclipse is one of six finalists in the prestigious Lexus Design Awards.

Kristina Loginova, cofounder of Kristil & Shamina, says, “Recently I began to get more tired, [I had more] headaches, and my memory got worse. I noticed that it was affected by noise.” Studies have repeatedly shown that noise pollution can impair cognitive development and increase stress.

While more work is needed to finesse the Sound Eclipse prototype, by reaching the finals of the Lexus Design Awards, Kristil & Shamina have received up to $25,000 to develop their idea. Hopefully, one day soon the Sound Eclipse will become a reality in urban homes.

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