Keep your hearing aids happy in the cold

Hearing aids in cold weather

There’s nothing better than a walk on a crisp winter day before warming up by a fire, but spare a thought for your hearing aids which need to tackle some huge temperature extremes at this time of year.

Going from, potentially, minus temperatures outside to plus-twenty inside can create condensation inside your hearing aids. This can risk damage to your devices’ complex internal workings, such as the microphone and receiver.

Troubleshooting problems with your devices

You may find the sound cuts out, fades or comes and goes, or you experience sound distortion. Do a battery check to ensure you’re not just needing new batteries. Clean away moisture inside the device using an earbud and check for any wax build up in the parts. And, most importantly, invest in a hearing aid drying device – this is a must-have and your hearing aids need to go into it every night to fully dry out.

Damage prevention

Whether you’re a sporty type or simply go out in all weathers to walk the dog, you can protect your behind-the-ear hearing aids from sweat or moisture with a pair of specialist hearing aid sweatbands – they’re cheap-to-buy, washable and available online in every colour imaginable.

Your other must-haves for the winter are a hat or earmuffs. As well as protecting you and your ears they will protect your valuable hearing technology from the cold and wet too. Keeping warm and protected will also help to combat those nasty coughs, colds and ear infections that are a common fact of winter life and can sometimes lead to temporary hearing loss.

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