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BSL now in Ambulances

An ambulance service is using a video app to improve its care for Deaf users of British Sign Language.

BSL is now available in ambulances


Since May, all North East Ambulance Service vehicles have had an iPad equipped with SignVideo, an app that enables patients and crews to interact with a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter on screen.

The app is available for ambulance crews 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to help assess the patient’s condition and explain the next steps of their treatment. It can also be used in non-emergency situations to provide advice and training.

Enhancing accessibility

It’s just over two years since the launch of the 999 BSL app which enables Deaf BSL users to make 999 calls via video relay. However, BSL users still struggle to access many health services beyond that because of communication barriers.

The North East Ambulance Service’s partnership with SignVideo means that a patient who is Deaf or uses BSL, can be triaged more easily and kept informed about their treatment and care.

It’s a welcome step towards greater accessibility for Deaf BSL users.

Here to help

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