Custom Ear Plugs for Musicians

Custom moulded ear plugs protection


Loud sounds can cause irreversible damage, so musicians are at risk of overexposure, especially at gigs and concerts. The damage can result in musicians experiencing tinnitus or permanent hearing loss.

Custom earplugs for musicians provide this essential protection, while still allowing you to play, perform and talk as normal.

Even if you aren’t a musician yourself, but a regular festival and concert goer, it is advisable to get your own custom earplugs. Noise levels are harmful at 85 decibels and above. A live concert is around 110-120 decibels but near to the speakers could reach 140 decibels.

If you have ever returned home from a concert with ringing in your ears, that is a warning sign that the volume could be damaging your hearing. Organisers of events sometimes hand out free earplugs at these events.

How is the damage caused?

Continual loud noise causes damage to the hair cells in the inner ear, the cochlea. These become flattened and over-stimulated leading to permanent irreversible damage of the hearing cells in the inner ear. Everyone is at risk, no matter what your age.

Musicians with hearing loss

Hearing loss amongst musicians is a sensitive and often emotional subject. Today we are lucky to have access to a variety of hearing aids with the latest cutting edge technology. Hearing aids can be invisible and worn 24/7. Most modern hearing aids even have dedicated music programs designed specifically for listening to music.

Why should the earplugs be custom-made?

Every person’s ear is a unique shape so having custom made earplugs makes sure that the plugs fit perfectly for the ultimate comfort and noise reduction.

These earplugs will reduce sound evenly, so that the music still remains clear. One-size-fits-all earplugs off the shelf can result in the music sounding muffled.

Custom-made earplugs reduce sound levels evenly across the frequencies making music and speech clear and natural. Specialist earplugs incorporate a filter which means you can still hear your instrument and blend with other instruments. With custom earplugs for musicians, the music is clear, while your hearing is protected.

How long will they last?

Our custom-made earplugs are designed to last for many years.

How are they made?

Our audiologist will take your unique ear impressions using the highly advanced digital ear scanner Otoscan and then use them to develop the plugs which will then fit your ears precisely. We then store the digital impressions to make reordering easy.

How can I get a pair?

Book your hearing consultation at The Hearing Clinic today on
01923 372101 (Radlett) or 01462 506074 (Hitchin)
We will find a solution so that you will be able to enjoy making music without fear of damaging your ears.


Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat hearing protection do musicians use?

AThere are a huge number of different makes of hearing protection for musicians – all in earplug form. For musicians it’s important that, while the volume is reduced, the sound quality isn’t lost. Comfort is key too, particularly for classical musicians who may be playing for long periods of time.

Many earplug brands offer a choice between medium, high and maximum protection so that you can choose depending on the type of music you’re playing and where you’re playing it (indoors, outdoors). Again, let the experts at The Hearing Clinic help you make an informed choice about hearing protection for musicians.

QWhat is the best hearing protection?

AHearing protection is a hugely personal choice. How an earplug fits in your ear, the feel of it in your ear, how much sound it allows through, the quality of that sound, the look of the earplug when it’s in your ear – and how much the earplugs cost – all of this makes a difference.

QWhat is the best hearing protection for drummers?

AThe hearing protection a musician needs will vary depending on the instrument they’re playing, their position on-stage and their genre of music. Drummers are in the thick of the sound action, and have a very physical involvement in the performance.

As a result, they need earplugs that offer maximum protection and a good fit. Moulded earplugs are a popular option.

QDo musicians wear hearing protection?

AIf musicians don’t wear hearing protection, then they should! Exposure to any loud music for any length of time can lead to permanent hearing loss – whether you’re a musician or a keen concert-goer.

As a result of some high profile court cases where musicians have taken employers, such as orchestras, to court – and with well-known music artists speaking out about their own hearing loss – there’s a growing appreciation in the music industry of the consequences of loud music on people’s hearing.

With technology ever-improving, the range of hearing protection for musicians is now very impressive and means that musicians can protect their hearing without a reduction in sound quality. If you’re a musician, the team at The Hearing Clinic will be happy to advise you on the best product for you.

QWhat are musicians’ earplugs?

AMusicians’ earplugs reduce noise while retaining sound quality – enabling them to stay connected to their music and their bandmates without risking their hearing. Where you play your music, the type of music you’re playing and how long you’re playing for will influence the level of protection you need.

Different brands offer a choice between medium, high and maximum protection, as well as different filters for different sizes of ear canal. Custom-made plugs are also available. At The Hearing Clinic, we’ve advised many musicians on the right hearing protection. Let us do the same for you.

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