Having seen five different GPs

“Having seen five different GPs and an ENT specialist regarding my tinnitus, I was ultimately advised to learn to live with the condition. Tinnitus had resulted in me developing insomnia, anxiety and depression. I was unable to work as I was not coping with the condition and desperately needed professional help. It was not long after developing tinnitus that I also developed hyperacusis. After some research I discovered Tinnitus Retraining Therapy [TRT] was a method of treating people with tinnitus and hyperacusis. I made a self-referral for tinnitus management at The Hertfordshire Clinic. Upon my initial consultation, I received a comprehensive hearing assessment including an assessment of the impact of tinnitus on my life. A Tinnitus Management programme was immediately started and at last I believed I had found the professional help I needed. The treatment included being given an understanding of tinnitus with ongoing advice, self-help techniques and counselling as well as sound therapy. Over a period of weeks I became less anxious about my tinnitus and found myself gaining control over the condition through the management programme. My questions and concerns were being answered and I was always treated in a professional and respectful manner at The Hertfordshire Clinic. I was given custom made wearable white noise generators for the treatment of hyperacusis and within a few weeks the hyperacusis improved immensely. The Tinnitus Management programme has made a massive difference to my life. Although there is no cure for tinnitus, through the treatment I received, my well-being vastly improved as I was equipped with the necessary tools to manage my condition. I am working full time and enjoy a normal life, much different from my initial state when I first arrived at The Hertfordshire Clinic. Without the management I received I do not know where the devastating effects of tinnitus would have taken me. I would highly recommend a Tinnitus management programme for anyone with distressing tinnitus and / or hyperacusis when undertaken by a suitably qualified professional such as Bridgitte Harley at The Hertfordshire Clinic.”
–Mr Roberts

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