I would just like to thank

“I would just like to thank Bridgitte for the excellent service I have received from her, I was surprised how she was able to understand and interpret the difficulties of my hearing problems enabling her to diagnose and create an optimal specification for my new hearing aids. It was wonderful how she was able to explain the physical problems with my deafness that had not really been addressed properly by previous consultants. Having been virtually deaf for 40 years it was refreshing to meet somebody that understood the difficulties deafness brings and how they were able to create a solution using the latest technology, resulting in a significant improvement over my old hearing aids. Bridgitte advised on a new set of aids by Phonak from their latest range, at a reasonable cost, these are a great improvement over my old aids, I have ended up with 5 programs which make my life much easier, Bridgitte has been totally resolved to set up the aids to the best possible settings for my particular hearing losses. I was amazed and pleased with the efforts Bridgitte has gone to,far beyond a single consultation to make sure I am happy with the final result. I would unreservedly recommend your services to anyone with a hearing problem. Many Thanks Bridgitte, continue the great work."
–Mrs Denyer

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