“I can help you with that.”

“I can help you with that.” These were very welcome words from Bridgitte Harley when I went for a single appointment to have my ears unblocked due to wax but one which turned into a very helpful series of treatments to improve my hearing acuity. In discussion at the initial treatment for blocked ears Bridgitte soon appreciated my “crowd deafness” problem with which she was able to help after thoroughly testing my higher frequency hearing response. She explained very clearly to me how hearing aids could assist – and so they have. Bridgitte took on-board some very specific circumstances such as my long-term sporting interest in target shooting and also my activity in general aviation flying where I wear a communications headset. She was able to propose what she could do to improve matters and responded to my questions at an appropriate level especially when she realised I had a technical engineering background including an appreciation of acoustics. In all I found it a very helpful and tailored approach and value for money. Appointments with Bridgitte were never rushed and if I had questions between them she always answered them very promptly.
–Mr JD, St Albans

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