Excellent Care

I visited Bridgitte in desperation after having a terribly unsympathetic consultation elsewhere, regarding the sudden onset of tinnitus. I was very untrusting and sceptical but needn't have been so. Bridgitte is very supportive and knowledgeable. She has tackled my tinnitus on dual fronts - technically and emotionally. I have hearing aids fitted to manage my hearing loss and hyperaccusis and have received support and guidance to assist with coping. Bridgitte has been superbly supportive and has called and emailed me to check on my progress, provided equipment on a trust basis and she has assured me that I can continue to receive her support on an ongoing basis. She is always patient and will not leave any question unanswered. I am very happy to have found Bridgitte and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anyone experiencing audiological issues.

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