After being diagnosed with

“After being diagnosed with having tinnitus, I was referred by my consultant, to the Hearing Clinic to be assessed by Bridgitte Harley. Bridgitte took the time to explain coping strategies to help with my tinnitus as well as explaining things about my hearing loss that I never knew despite being partially deaf since birth. She recommended a new hearing aid, the Phonak Naida, which has made such a HUGE difference to my life. I was given 5 different programs which have made my life so much easier. The best program for me is the music program. The first time I used this program, it was a real emotional experience for me as I heard music properly for the first time in my life. With this aid, I am constantly discovering new sounds everyday. My experience at the Hearing Clinic has been a very positive one. After the consultant told me that I had to learn to live with tinnitus, I was very apprehensive, but Bridgitte managed to allay my fears and helped me cope. Everybody at the Hearing Clinic was friendly and helpful, but it’s mostly thanks to Bridgitte, with her help, understanding and support, that has helped me come to terms with my tinnitus. So, thank you, Bridgitte.”

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